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How to Send Bulk SMS

Category: Uncategorised Published: Friday, 17 October 2014 Written by Administrator


1.       To send bulk sms, you need a computer with a good internet connection. With this, open your browser and visit www.bestsmssolutions.com.

2.       Click on ‘Create an account’ either on the left hand side or on the top menu of the web page or the pink button bellow this page. A little e-form will open for you to fill and submit. Choose a username and password that you will always remember.  Ensure you use a valid e-mail address.

3.       You will be instructed to check your e-mail inbox. Go to your e-mail inbox and you will see a mail sent by BEST SMS SOLUTIONS. Open this mail and click on the link in the mail. This will activate your account. If the mail is not found in your inbox, check your spam mails.

4.       Now you have an account with BEST SMS SOLUTIONS. Please, call customer care on 08033498578 or 08089239678 and you will be credited with free SMS units, so that you can test our service. To buy more units, click on ‘Pricing’ on the top menu or just click here to see the prices of SMS units. Also follow the payment link to see how to pay for your SMS units.

5.       You can now log in to your account with your username and password using the login window found on the left side of the home page of the website. On your first log in, the system may demand for a little more information like your phone number, in order to set up your profile. Please, supply these information and click on update. You may leave the signature field blank because whatever you input there will be appended to all your messages.

6.       Upon successful login, a Member SMS Menu list displays by the left side of the page. On this menu, click on ‘Compose SMS’ in order for you to start composing your text message.

7.      On the Sender ID field, type the name that you want your recipients to see as the sender of the message. This should have a maximum of 11 characters. Never use numbers as your sender ID because your message may not be delivered. Use only alphabets.

8.       On the Destination Numbers field, type the phone numbers of all your recipients. Separate each number with comma, colon, semicolon, space or put each number on a separate line. Your numbers should be typed using any of the following formats: 080-------, 23480--------, +23480--------. Another way to input the phone numbers is to attach a text (notepad) file containing your already typed numbers. The numbers should be typed on notepad. To upload your numbers from a text file, click on “Upload phone numbers”. Then click on the little space that opens up to browse and locate your text file. Select the file and click on “open” to attach it. Please, never upload your numbers in Microsoft Word or Excel file. You can copy your phone numbers from MS Word or Excel and paste on the ‘Destination Numbers’ field. You can also upload numbers from your BEST SMS SOLUTIONS phone book group if you had saved them.

9.  On the ‘Type a message’ field, type your text message there. Our software shows you the number of characters that you have typed as you type along. One page of text message consists of 160 characters. You can type multiple pages if you wish.  A page of message delivers at 1 SMS unit per number across all GSM networks in Nigeria.

10.   Click on ‘Send SMS’ to send your messages. Your messages will be delivered under a few seconds.

11.   You can also schedule your messages for future delivery. To do this, click on ‘Send later’. Select the Date, Month and Year. Also type in the Hour and Minute. You can add more and more schedule dates. Click on ‘Send SMS’ and your message will be scheduled for delivery at exactly the date and time that you have set. Please, make sure that you have enough SMS units in your account to take care of your scheduled messages.



·         HOW TO LOCATE NOTEPAD ON YOUR COMPUTER: Click on the ‘Start Button’. Point on ‘All Programs’, point on ‘Accessories’ and then select Notepad.

·         If you are typing phone numbers on Microsoft Excel using the 080-------- format, remember to type the ‘ key (i.e. apostrophe) before you type the first zero, else the first zero of the phone number will disappear when you exit the cell. When typing your message, avoid the use of certain words and/or words that are composed of: promo, win, winner, winning, congrats, congratulations (the list is endless) as these words are blocked by the bulk sms gateway to check the activities of scammers. These words will cause your message not to deliver or where the massage is delivered, the entire message will be replaced with "SPAM MSG REMOVED". To avoid this, the normal practice is to send your message to your phone first before you broadcast it to your numerous contacts. Where you have challenges, please call us for support.


For any other assistance, please call Akan on 08033498578, 08089239678.


Now, to start sending your bulk SMS, click on the button bellow  to create an account with BEST SMS SOLUTIONS. It is absolutely free. You will be credited with free SMS units so that you can test run our service.

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