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Cheapest bulk SMS Prices in Nigeria, Best SMS Solutions

Our Prices are among the best you can get. We offer competitive pricing and our delivery is second to none.

We now charge 1 Unit  Per SMS to all Networks in Nigeria. No hidden Charges.

By default, our platform makes use of the best world class  corporate route to deliver your messages to all your phone numbers including numbers on DND (Do Not Disturb) at the same price. Delivery to DND numbers is with a default sender ID: rUPDATE or INFODESK or INFINITY.


Quantity (Units)
Pricing (=N=)
Any volume of sms units using Basic Route (In this case, please call us lets configure your account) 2.00
0-19,999 3.50
20,000-99,999 3.50
100,000 and above 3.50
Send SMS 4 Me Service 4.00
International 15 units
Australia 10 units

Delivery using basic route is still at =N=2.00. In this case your messages will not deliver to phone numbers on DND. If you still need this route please call our customer care lines and we will configure your account to this route.

We Deliver Your SMS in 3 seconds or Less.

We offer SMS at very competitive wholesale prices. Our SMS units do not expire. They are valid forever and you can use the SMS anytime you desire.


Click Here For Payment Options and Our Bank Account Details


Please use your username on www.bestsmssolutions.com as depositor's name while making payment in the bank. After payment, contact us by sending a text message containing the following details: Depositor's Name (i.e. Your Username), Amount Paid, Bank Name, & Teller No, to any of the following Phone Numbers, 08033498578, 08089239678, and your account will be credited immediately on confirmation of your payment.

For the Send SMS 4 Me Service, please attach a file containing your phone numbers and send it to our e-mail, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Also clearly specify your message in the e-mail. The phone numbers should be typed on a single column in Microsoft Excel or Notepad using any of the following formats: 080........, 23480........, or +23480........ . Remember, when typing phone numbers on excel using the 080........ format, type apostrophe (i.e ' ) before typing the first zero, else the first zero disappears when you exit the cell.


To send your text messages, simply log in with your username and password. If you do not have an account with us yet, simply click on the button bellow to register now.   It is absolutely free and you will be credited instantly with some free sms units in order for you to test our service.


Thank you.